Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abortion; It’s a Guy Thing

Women, let’s face it. We’re stupid, careless tramps; we have indiscriminate, unprotected sex with men who have no intention of marrying us and then we wantonly get pregnant and march off to the abortion clinic only to have it ripped from our womb and then do it all again.  Ladies, we don’t get it, and we can’t be trusted to do the right thing…so let’s leave it up to the men to put an end to this insanity.  The abortion issue is less complicated than it seems, because there is a simple solution; condoms. Okay, it isn’t perfect but if condoms were used consistently and properly with every sex act we would put a huge dent in the unwanted pregnancy thing.   After all they are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy, as well as preventing STD’s; so let’s put this issue to bed once and for all.  Really, it’s that simple-isn’t it?    
Are women who have casual sex sluts and completely responsible for the consequences of that casual sex?  Are women who have casual sex less trustworthy, less worthy all around? Who teaches our young men that “you have sex with those women but you don’t marry them”. Is a woman who has had an abortion really a cold, callous murderer with no regard for life? 

Consider for a moment a fourteen year old girl who is unable to turn to the adults in her life. With the assistance of a friend she buys a home pregnancy test, uses the test and the test comes out positive. She panics, but her friend encourages her to remain calm and go to a women’s clinic to have another pregnancy test, just to be sure; she is indeed pregnant. She feels numb, now what. She is encouraged to speak to a counselor to discuss the options available to her. Contrary to what many people think, counselors do offer adoption as an option, they also offer details about fetal development and prenatal care, but that’s another matter. The counselor encourages her to speak to her parents assuming they will offer support, albeit laced with disappointment. The girl shakes her head, breaks down and starts to sob and offers no explanation. She can’t discuss it with her parents or anyone else because her father is the one who impregnated her.    

She knows that the authorities should be contacted because this man’s unconscionable behavior needs to be punished. But through the eyes of a frightened young girl to further shatter whatever remnants remain of the only family she has ever known is something she just can’t bring herself to do. Her father is prominent in the community and her mother would be angry, not at her husband but at her daughter. So she decides to carry the burden alone, have the abortion and try to leave it all behind her. The unborn child is an innocent victim in this but so is the young girl.  So this young girl pays the price with what she must now carry with her forever in silence. And yes, it would be helpful to demonize her and convince her that she is a brazen murderer.      

According to WHO there are 40 to 50 million abortions performed annually or 125,000 per day. In China alone 13 million are performed annually and over half of those are because the baby is the wrong sex, female. Is abortion the problem here or is it the attitude?  Abortion, the destruction of innocent human life, let’s talk about that. UNICEF reports that over 1 billion children live in poverty, as a result of that poverty 22,000 children die every day. 640 million children are without adequate shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water another 270 million have no access to health services. We are unable to take care of the children that are here, how can we be expected to protect those that aren’t? And while we are on the subject of destroying innocent human life how about this; the FBI reports that sex trafficking is the fastest growing business in organized crime and the 3rd largest criminal enterprise in the world. At any given time two million children are subjected to global prostitution and the average age of the victim, 11-14, and their anticipated life span-3 to 7 years. The causes of death are as a result of being attacked, abuse, HIV, malnutrition, overdose and suicide.

 UNICEF reports that worldwide there are between 50 and 120 million children living on the streets, discarded for numerous reasons and largely ignored because they are looked upon as delinquents with drug, alcohol or behavioral problems, but drugs and alcohol are not the problem. Is it a choice? Do they have one?  How many times have we read; don’t abort that child, there is a loving family just waiting to swoop it up in their arms, but what about these kids, where are the loving arms for them to fall into?

Regardless of your position, abortion is a serious matter but demonizing women who find themselves in a position of having to weigh the consequences of having an abortion is not part of the solution. As with so many other issues we face this one continues to divide and separate us and will continue to do so until a paradigm cultural shift occurs- our attitude.  

 Abortion is a guy thing, it’s a woman thing and it’s a society thing with no one place to assign blame, but it does start with the most important sex organ, the brain; so let’s talk about it…sex that is, every day and often. Sex is life giving, empowering and beautiful; not a tool to get things and not a weapon to hurt and destroy. Perhaps when we are able to wrap our heads around sex and what it is and what it isn’t we can address the consequences of sex and in so doing have a rational discussion about abortion. Have you talked about sex today?