Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Random Thought

If you have ever found yourself wondering how things in the world seem to get so off course. Let’s start with this…The Hegelian Dialectic; bringing about change in three parts…
Thesis-create the problem

Antithesis-Generate opposition (fear, panic, hysteria)
Synthesis- Solution to the problem created in step 1

Certainly real problems come our way…but lately it seems as though the solutions to the problem border on insanity. One could insert almost any crisis to test this theory. Global warming as an example; the motivation may be money, power or some twisted idea about social justice. The elite would like the people to go in a certain direction, but no one rational person would go in that direction,(create a world with higher and higher energy costs, fail to create jobs, etc.)  so we must create a problem. Global warming is the problem and  unless we return to the dark ages and stop using fossil fuels the polar bears will die and so will we.  Fear and panic must be injected into the daily conversation so that people begin to believe it. The storms will become more and more severe; we will run out of food….then steps in the government….with the solution….more regulations…bigger government. Less freedom for the people and fewer choices and the choices we have will all cost more. Remember…never let a crisis go to waste.